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Rules & Regulations of Indian Institute Of Oriental Haritage

There will be Half-yearly and Annual examinations for each Academic session. Annual examinations are held at the Institute at the end of each academic session in respect of each of the courses as mentioned earlier.



    In exceptional cases where there are sufficient genuine reasons to that effect, the Governing Body of Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage by resolutions duly adopted may relax any condition regarding admission, table of fees and payment thereof, course contents, examinations and conferment of certificates, diplomas and degrees, among other things. It shall have the right also to amend in a like manner the rules and regulations herein made provided circumstances are occasioned there for.


    Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage conducts four sessions in a year, one each from January, April, July and October. These apart, more session or sessions can be started by the Institute in any particular year for any particular course or courses for accommodating the onrush of students at any particular point of time.
    In order to get himself/herself admitted in the Institute, a student shall have to fill in the prescribed application form and submit the same to the office of the Institute together with the prescribed admission, session, tution and other fees.
    Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage reseves the right to admit or not to admit any students in any of the courses and shall have discretion to reject any application for admission without assigning any reason.


    There will be Half-yearly and Annual examinations for each Academic session. Annual examinations are held at the Institute at the end of each academic session in respect of each of the courses as mentioned earlier. Oral examinations are also held. Students undertaking any of the Correspondence Courses shall also have to present themselves at the Institute and sit for the respective examination as discussed earlier. In respect of the courses where oral examinations have been prescribed, they shall also have to appear at such oral examinations. As soon as the results will be annunced the students will be given mark-sheets. Special marks are reserved for regular attendance.


    The sessions, the details of the courses, the examinations and the convocation, among other things, in respect of the correspondence courses are similar to those for the regular courses. The table of fees for the correspondence course is given separately.
    The Institute will arrange to deliver upto the students who have got themselves admitted in any of the correspondence courses, printed lessons by hand or by post, as the case may be, from time to time.
    The Institute will also provide to the students of the correspondence courses with a list of books, covering the syllabus of the course, to be purchased by them for study in addition to the aforesaid printed materials to be supplied by the Institute.
    Whenever ane wherever there may be any difficulty as regards the lessons, the students shall have the liberty either to come down to the Institute to see the professor in person or to write to the Institute with a view to obtaining necessary clarifications and instructions.
    Course materials will be supplied to the students in sets covering the period upto which they have paid in the form of tution fees. No oral examination is necessary for correspondence students.


    The regular and the correspondence courses in their entirely are conducted by a Board of experienced professors comprising Sanskrit Scholars and academicians of repute.


    The students will be required to pay their monthly tution fees by the first week of the current month. The Institute will be obliged, if advance payment of tution fees is made. Default in payment of tuition fees for a period of more than three months will entitle the management to strike the name of the student off the roll. In any such event, the student concerned shall be required to seek re-admission by depositing the admission fee prescribed for the particular course so as to get his name re-entered in the register. In such cases as well, the Governing Body shall have the absolute right and discretion either to accept or to refuse the prayer for re-admission of such students.
    Mode of Payment: Cash payment is always welcome. Cheques are only acceptable for the students of Kolkata and not from other places. For other places payment may be made in M/O or Bank Draft drawn in favour of Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage.
    It shall be the duty of the students to strictly maintain order and discipline at the Institute and at its office.
    It shall also be the duty of the students to behave respectfully and in a befitting manner with the teachers. Lack of manners or misbehavious of any sort whatsover shall render the student liable to be punished.