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Membership Objective


Golden Member

The most prestigious type of membership is Golden Membership. Golden members will enjoy right of voting and to be elected to the Executive Committee, the privilege of being selected in the Advisory Committee and Special Committees to be formed for the growth and development of the Institute, visiting and inspecting the main office and unit or chapter office and recording their opinion on any matter pertaining to the interest of the Institute, free access to Institute’s library, museum, planetorium etc., the facility of undergoing researches, the right to recommend two persons to be conferred upon the facility of undergoing researches, or joining the classes run by the institute, to participate in national and international conferences, scope to arrange donation of land, building etc. for the Institute from different benevolent persons, free supply of magazines and bulletins, the facility to stay in Institute’s Guest Houses with prior information. The fees for Golden Membership is Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees fifty thousand) only to be paid at a time.