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The Forty First Annual International Conference on Oriental Heritage

Chairman's Office : 16, S. K. Deb Road (1st bylane), Kol- 700 048

Phone :2521-33300/7802, Fax : 0091-033-2521-7602

Website :www.orientalheritage.in

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Respected Sir/Madam,

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that the 42nd Annual International Conference on Oriental Heritage will be solemnized on March 09, 10, 11  2019 at Shree Adya Katyayani Shaktipith Auditorium, New Delhi 110074 under the auspices of Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage, Kolkata.

Highly merited and distinguished scholars from the length and breadth of the globe will assemble in the conference and deliver brilliant speeches on different aspects of Indian Culture.

We most cordially invite you to join the conference as a distinguisged delegate.

Delegates from the USA, the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Nepal besides the nook and corner of India are expected in the Conference who would rouse the aspirations of the august assembly by offering invaluable discourses.

There will be valuable discourses by learned scholars on Veda, Vedanta, Upanishad, Smriti, Puran, Sanskrit Literature, Jyotish shastra, Vastu shastra,  Vedic Mathematics, Tantra shastra, Dharma shastra and many more. The pivotal role of Oriental Science for the all round progress of mankind will be discussed and debated. The three days of February will throw fluorescence on the multi-dimensional aspects of our rich Indian Heritage

In consideration, we hope you will be gracious enough to respond to our invition and join the Conference as respectable delegate, to make the Conference an all-round success and dedicate yourself to the cause of the growth and development of the tributaries of Oriental Learning.

Dr Saugata Mitra


42nd Annual International Conference Committee 2019

: 09811058124

Dr Satya Biswas


42nd Annual International Conference, 2019

: 09302922226

Dr Muktipada Chakraborty


Conference Committee 2019

: 09312246482

Dr Amal Krishna Sastri


Indian Insitute of Oriental Heritage

: 09830538268

Gopa Sastri (Prof. Dr. Gopa Sastri )


Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage

: (033) 2521-3300

: 09339664145

Dr. Ram Krishna Sastri


Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage

: (033) 2521-3300/7802

: (033) 2521-3300/7802

For full details of the conference kindly click here

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